Fill in the blanks with a suitable word :

 1- You can't the truth from me, because I'll find out.

 2- She's a very person, always finding simple and efficient ways to solve problems. .

 3- The internet serves to  people all over the world in one big network.

 4- The wounded soldier was in great  from the bullet that had hit him .

 5- I had to climb onto the of the house to fix the antenna  .

 6- We are going to over 50 guests to our dinner party .

 7- The boy threw a stone into the lake and it quickly sank to the   .

 8- We could not the waiter's attention , as he was too busy .

 9- Atheletes who use drugs  , and should be banned from competition .

 10-  The painter handled his very carefully to add just another touch .